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Pgdrop is a company that deals with the dropshipping service: this service is about the sales- coordinated with a final shipping to the customer. Through us, you will be able to offer all of our products in your webpage without being in stock. We have national and international dealers and we also take the role of intermediaries and logistic operators.

We help your business to grow up, you can see all the advantages of the service.


We are an ambitious company with future view that has the support of great professionals in different areas (marketing, e- comerce, estrategias comerciales, atención al cliente, etc.) with experience in perfume and cosmetic areas.

In addition, we know well other sectors: information technology and electronics, herbalism and beauty products, toys and much more; and add daily thousands of products to our stock so you can create your online store as complete

as possible.


Our point is to give valour to the product, for this reason we put a lot of attention in our work: we offer you

an excellent service in the commercial process.


  • We take into account every single detail since we receive the product till we deliver it to the final customer.
  • We promise the shipping of national orders within 24/48 hours and so on, 72 hours for international orders.
  • Our effort and perseverance have let us to arrive where we are now.
  • Our scene is present in countries like: Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Italy,
  • Japan, United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. For this reason, our point is to continue
  • working hard with efficiency and efficacy to gain more people.



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Parque empresarial Carabona nº12,12530, Burriana (Castellón-Spain)